Honolulu, HI, April 05, 2022 – The Delivery People (TDP), a leading freight forwarding and delivery company, has recently introduced comprehensive state-of-the-art online services. From Online Quoting and Order Entry to Online Payment and Tracking, as well as incorporating Electronic Data Integration (EDI) Capabilities, these services launch TDP and their customers into the future! These online platforms offer nearly seamless automation by eliminating much of the manual data entry and invoicing, which will save customers time and money.

Now, TDP customers will be able to get real-time quotes for Freight Forwarding, Pick-Up & Delivery, Packing & Crating, Warehousing, handling Project Cargo, and White Glove Service. They can process and plan their order online and pay for it without additional steps. Shipments can be tracked as they travel from point to point — all online and cloud-based in Microsoft Azure.

TDP continues to serve customers in Los Angeles and Honolulu with onward connections to Hawaii’s neighboring islands, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, Micronesia, and more, who can now take advantage of these time-saving innovations. While these online tools will make the shipping process simpler and more straightforward for customers, they can rest assured that the TDP team will continue to be available to assist in every way.

“Our new online services were developed in-house to streamline the processes, giving our valued customers more control and transparency for their shipping needs,” said Kim Ross, President of The Delivery People. “With these new hi-tech tools and our dedicated TDP team, we look to expand while continuing to offer outstanding service to our many loyal customers and partners in the years to come.”

Find the online tools on TDP’s comprehensive website that reveals their range of services and showcases the company’s recent re-brand. For more information, visit: thedeliverypeople.com